Here for Your Blood Disorder Therapy Needs​

Welcome to Indiana BloodWoRx, a specialty pharmacy serving patients of Innovative Hematology (IHI) with blood disorders.

Here for Your Blood Disorder Therapy Needs​

Welcome to Indiana BloodWoRx, a specialty pharmacy serving patients of the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC) with blood disorders.
Expert Care Coordination

Our team coordinates your pharmacy needs with your medical providers and multidisciplinary team.

Competitive Pricing

We are a non-profit pharmacy offering clotting factors and other medicines at competitive prices. We ship prescriptions and supplies directly to you; we do not charge for shipping or supplies.

Prompt, Accurate Claims

We handle everything when it comes to insurance claims, including filing all paperwork.

The medicine and supplies you need—all in one place.

Our expert team works alongside you and your family to make sure you have everything you need to understand and manage your condition.
BloodWoRx pharmacy staff work closely with your Innovative Hematology care providers to coordinate and manage your individual care plan.

Indiana BloodWoRx FAQs

To help you quickly get the answers you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs below. 

Please order one day in advance if possible by calling 317-854-8191. If your order is late, our pharmacy staff will contact you.

The Indiana BloodWoRx pharmacy staff track all medicines we provide for you. If your prescription is recalled, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

We work with you to be prepared before a disaster strikes. If a disaster happens, we’ll work to address your needs.

We would be glad to help obtain your medicine if at all possible, even if we don’t typically carry it.

If you have a serious reaction (such as trouble breathing or chest pain) to a medicine, call 911 right away. Once you’ve gotten medical care, please call our pharmacy. If you have a mild reaction (such as a headache or feeling tired), you can reach out directly to us.

Focused on Education

Indiana BloodWoRx provides a wide range of educational resources to help you and your family better understand your treatment plan and care. The pharmacy also has resources to help assist your local care providers.

Ongoing Counseling

The correct use and monitoring of your medications are essential to your health. Our providers will adjust your medications as needed and are always available to discuss changes with you. We can also help talk through over-the-counter medications that you take or plan to take as these may interact with other medications you currently use.